Hydraulic engineering and port construction

Hydraulic engineering and harbour construction projects require well thought-out solutions in all project phases in order to be able to implement new construction, expansion or renovation measures safely and cost-effectively. We support our customers from the preliminary study through planning and tendering to the realisation of the project, and in all specialist planning areas such as geotechnics, solid construction, hydraulic steel construction, electrical engineering and measurement and control technology.


  • Waterways
  • Locks
  • Ship lifts
  • Harbour construction
  • Jetties, quays
  • docks
  • Transshipment centres
Schleuse Gleesen Projekt DEK Nord

The adaptation of the northern section of the Dortmund-Ems Canal (DEK) is anchored in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 as a project with urgent requirements. On the northern section of the DEK from Bergeshövede to Papenburg, the dimensions of the ships were limited to 95 metres in length and 9.60 metres in width. For this reason, the very old existing locks between Bevergern and…

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Schiffshebewerk Niederfinow

Since 1934, the Niederfinow boat lift has provided the link between Berlin and the Baltic Sea port of Szczecin between the apex of the Havel-Oder waterway and the lower section leading to the Oder. The new Niederfinow boat lift was built between the old lift and the historic lock stairs.

Client: Wasserstraßen-Neubauamt Berlin

Processing period: 2010 – 2016

Main data:
Ship's hoist
Height above…

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Schleuse Lauffen

The Lauffen barrage is located at Neckar km 125.16 and consists of a double lock on the right bank, a three-span weir and a power station.

The right-hand chamber of the lock was extended upstream and the basic repair of both chambers and the heads was carried out. Reinforcement measures were planned to ensure stability by means of horizontal and vertical back anchoring of the walls. The wall…

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