Integrated solutions

Complex projects require integrated solutions over the entire life cycle. We provide general planning services for our clients from the pre-investment phase of their projects onwards.

This avoids communication issues and develops solutions that are coordinated from the beginning to the last detail of execution with regard to the various service areas. Due to the availability of all relevant competences in-house, we are in the position to competently assess services, statements or suchlike from third parties and to advise our clients holistically. Our employees are engineers, architects, geologists, biologists, geographers and physicists who are used to developing the right solution concept for your project goal.

Our services

Pre-investment phase



Design planning

Approval planning

Execution phase


Execution planning

Tender and award documents

Production monitoring

Site management

Construction supervision

Safety and health coordination

Operating phase


Construction monitoring

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Status reporting

Outstanding projects

In the past, we have accompanied the construction of large dams, such as the Leibis/Lichte dam, from the study to completion. In the rehabilitation of dams, we have worked on all types, such as dams with asphalt and foil seals as well as concrete and quarry stone masonry dam walls. With the Goldisthal pumped storage power plant, the largest and most modern pumped storage power plant in Germany, we implemented the use of two variable-speed asynchronous machines as motor generators in a European pumped storage power plant for the first time together with the then Lahmeyer International GmbH. They were designed as double-fed asynchronous motor-generators. Today, technical innovations such as the drive system in the New Niederfinow Ship's Hoist enable - on an even larger scale - shipping traffic at the Three Gorges Dam (Yangtze/China). In the spirit of the aesthetic engineering structures of the 19th century, we have combined architectural ambition and functionality in the Greifswald-Wieck barrage. The project was awarded the German Engineering Award 2016.

Here you can find information on further projects from our various business areas:

Flood and coastal protection


Hydropower plants

Hydraulic engineering and port construction

Machine engineering and hydraulic steelwork

Conveyor technology and crane construction

Bridge construction