Hydropower plants

With the long-standing and extensive experience of our engineers, we develop the ideal solution for your hydropower project in every planning and implementation phase, regardless of whether it is a large or small power plant, run-of-river or pumped storage power plant, high-pressure or low-pressure power plant, new construction or rehabilitation. The use of modern tools such as BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a matter of course. We are active worldwide in the field of small hydropower.


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Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Forbach

In the upper Murg Valley near Forbach in the northern Black Forest, EnBW Kraftwerke AG operates the Rudolf Fettweis plant (RFW), which was built in two stages (1914/1926). As part of the planned modernisation of the site, its great potential is to be better exploited.

The project involves the expansion of the Forbach site by adding two pumped storage power plants (upper stage and lower stage).…

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Wasserkraftwerk Töging am Inn

Tractebel Hydroprojekt was commissioned by Verbund Innkraftwerke GmbH with the planning of the new Töging power plant in 2014. With a total output of almost 120 MW, the new Töging power plant is the largest new hydropower plant to be built in Germany in recent years.

The new hydropower plant is located next to the power plant built in the 1920s. By increasing the dam target at the inlet to the…

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Wasserkraftwerk Töging am Inn

With an investment volume of around 600 million Euro, the Inn joint power plant is the largest new run-of-river power plant to be built in the Alpine region for many years.

The new GKI diversion hydropower plant is located on the upper Inn River on the Swiss-Austrian border between the municipalities of Tschlin (Switzerland) and Prutz (Austria). With an annual generation of 414 GWh, the power…

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Pumpspeicherwerk Goldisthal

The PSW Goldisthal is the largest hydropower plant in Germany and one of the largest in Europe. With its four Francis pump turbines (265 MW each), two of which operate at constant (synchronous) speed and two at variable (asynchronous) speed, it is one of the most modern and efficient plants of its kind in the world.

Client: Vattenfall Europe Generation AG

Processing period: 1991 - 2010


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Kleinwasserkraftwerke Indonesien

The electrification rate in Indonesia is around 82%, i.e. around 40 million people live without access to an electricity supply (as of 2014). KfW is supporting the Indonesian electricity supplier PLN in its endeavours to improve the electrification rate in the face of sharply rising electricity demand and to increase the share of electricity from hydropower generation in the energy mix.Small…

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Wasserkraftanlagen Yedigöl und Aksu (Türkei)

The two high-pressure hydropower plants Yedigöl and Aksu are located on the Aksu River in north-east Turkiye. The two power plants are arranged in a cascade and each consist of a weir system with a headrace and sand trap, a pressurised water tunnel (excavation diameter 4.60 m) and an above-ground powerhouse. As a rule, the Yedigöl power plant discharges the headrace water directly into the…

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Wasserkraftwerk am Triftbach in Bad Aibling

As part of the preliminary design planning for the construction of a new small hydroelectric power plant at the mouth of the Triftbach into the Mangfall, a comparison of variants with two innovative, fish-compatible turbine types for very low heads was carried out. The basis for this was a feasibility study, which was also carried out by Tractebel Hydroprojekt. The VLH turbine emerged as the…

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