Fload and coastal protection

Controlled flooding polder Außig

Polder Außig
Polder Außig

The site of the planned flooding polder is located to the left of the Elbe and to the right of the Dahle (1st order watercourse) in the district of North Saxony in the Free State of Saxony near the village of Außig. An area of 360 hectares is intended to be used for the construction of the polder. The aim of the polder is the effective peak capping of flood events greater than HQ100 of the Elbe. The project was granted planning approval in March 2021. Construction work on the first compensatory measures began in 2022. Further measures are currently being prepared for construction.

Client: Landestalsperren­verwaltung des Freistaates Sachsen

Processing period: 2010 – ongoing

Main data:
Approx. 11 million m³ polder volume
Approx. 8,760 m of repair/raising of dykes and approx. 1,850 m of new dyke construction
New construction of several solid structures, e.g. Elbe inlet and outlet structure, barrier structure and dyke as well as pumping station in the Dahle floodplain
Raising the B182 federal road by approx. 300 metres
Extensive compensation and replacement measures, e.g. opening up Tauschke, renaturalisation of Dahleaue

Planning services for building, outdoor facilities, traffic and structural design as well as technical equipment
Scoping document, environmental impact study
Mapping, inventory, LBP
FFH/SPA-VU, special species protection assessment, exception tests
Support during the planning approval procedure
Other special services such as site investigation, geotechnical reports, groundwater modelling, property processing, visualisation