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Weir Horkheim

Weir Horkheim
Weir Horkheim
Weir Horkheim
Weir Horkheim

The construction of a barrage in Greifswald-Wieck is included in the General Plan for Coastal and Flood Protection in Mecklenburg-­Vorpommern under the status of priority urgency. The structure forms an integral part of the Greifswald flood defences to be realised. A particular focus of the work was on the design and thus the urban integration into the sensitive urban space. The project was awarded the German Engineering Award 2016.

Client: Staatliches Amt für Landwirtschaft und Umwelt Vorpommern

Processing period: 1994, 1999 – 2016

Main data:
Clear width of the main closure: 21 m
Clear width of the secondary closures: 17 m each
Promenade at level on both sides: +1.50 m HN
Closing water level: +0.56 m HN
max. inland water level: +1.00 m HN
Design flood: +2.90 m HN
Top closure: +4.65 m HN

New construction of a barrage
Main closure as a swing gate
Secondary gates as sliding gates
Inspection gates integrated in the dyke body
Oval control stand on the Eldena side
Connection dikes Eldena/Wieck
New pier and promenade Wieck and Eldena