Machine engineering and hydraulic steelwork

Basic refurbishment of the Quitzöbel oxbow weir

Altarmwehr Quitzöbel
Altarmwehr Quitzöbel

The oxbow weir is located in the north-east of Saxony-Anhalt and was built around 1936-1937 for water regulation and flood protection. The weir system consists of a double sweeping half-timbered gate as a weir closure and a barge lock. Both parts are separated by a massive centre pillar and bordered by two massive edge pillars.

Client: Wasserstraßen-Neubauamt Magdeburg

Processing period: 2019 – ongoing

Main data:
double sweeping truss­protection panel
Width: 25.0 m
Height: 8.75 m
Barge lock
Width: 5.20 m
Length: 23.0 m

Basic repair of the Quitzöbel oxbow weir and canal lock
Construction of a new operations building
New construction of the weir gate
New construction and repair of inspection locks