Fload and coastal protection

Weser lock Dörverden

Weserschleuse Dörverden

The Dörverden lock system is located on the Middle Weser in the lock canal at km 2+000 and consists of a large towed train lock built in 1910 and commissioned in 1912 and an additional small lock that was commissioned in 1938. Due to the need for year-round navigability, it had to be replaced by a new construction.

Client: ARGE Ingenieurbau Schleuse Dörverden

Processing period: 2008 – 2016

Main data:
Construction method: Chamber sluice without sparging basin
Hydraulic system: End system, circulation
Upper gate: Rotary segment gate with filling shell
Bottom gate: Mortise gate
Operating locks: Segment locks
Usable length/width: 139.00 m/12.50 m
Maximum lifting height: 4.60 m
Stacking depth: 4.00 m
Building height: 14.75 m

3Plannig for the new construction of a solid construction lock for ships with modern dimensions (oversized motorised ship üGMS)
Bored pile wall as construction pit enclosure with back-anchored facing shell as later chamber wall
Connections to the existing outer harbours
New construction of the lock site with operations building