Fload and coastal protection

Werra floodplain in the Untersuhl area

Werraaue Untersuhl
Werraaue Untersuhl
Werraaue Untersuhl

The measure is a compensatory measure for the new construction of the Leibis/Lichte drinking water dam. South of Untersuhl, in the area of the Green Belt, a stream flowing into the Werra, including tributaries and floodplain, is being renaturalised. This will close the gap between existing renaturalisation measures and the confluence with the Werra. The processing area is located within several protected areas (nature reserve, FFH and bird sanctuary) and must therefore be harmonised with the protection and conservation goals.

Client: Thüringer Fernwasser­versorgung

Processing period: 2008 – ongoing, construction period 2020 - 2021, VOB acceptance hydraulic engineering 2021, acceptance planting 2022

Main data:
Creation of an initial channel: approx. 1.1 km
Creation of a secondary floodplain
Creation of floodplain structures: 1.17 ha (pond field, oxbow lakes, flood troughs)
Woodland development: approx. 7.1 ha
Grassland and shrub areas: approx. 2.3 ha
Laying of electricity and sewage lines

Outdoor facilities­planning and engineering­structures
Soil management concept/transport concept
Tendering and coordination of subsoil and contaminated site investigation
Maintenance plan
Preparation of the display board for public relations work