Fload and coastal protection

Weir Ovella

Drohnenbefliegung Teilstau Wehr Ovella

As part of the construction of the new Inn joint power plant in the Swiss-Austrian border region, a new dam is being built. It consists of the weir, the headrace intake for the power plant located on the orographic right bank of the Inn, the fish ladder as well as the doping power plant. The doping power plant ensures a dynamised minimum water discharge into the Inn, which is currently subject to very high surge loads in the project area due to the operation of the upstream power plants. The buffering of the hydropeaking load and the seasonally staggered residual water release serves to achieve the goal of "good ecological potential" in the Inn.

The construction of the dam was characterised by the difficult spatial situation in the deeply incised valley of the Inn and the unfavourable geological boundary conditions.

Client: Gemeinschafts­kraftwerk Inn GmbH

Processing period: 2014 – 2022

Main data:
Weir system:
Reservoir height: 15 m
Reservoir volume: 500,000 m³
2 weir fields of 12 m each with pressure segment and flap:
Design flood HQ1000 = 790 m³/s
Water intake for power station and doping power station
2 MW doping power station for residual water release
Fish ladder as vertical slot pass with 82 basins, fish descent

Design planning for the deep foundation of the headrace intake and doping power plant
Implementation planning (object and structural planning)
Tender documents for finishing trades
Safety and health coordination
As-built planning, collauding planning