Fload and coastal protection

Töging am Inn hydroelectric power station

Wasserkraftwerk Töging am Inn
Wasserkraftwerk Töging am Inn
Wasserkraftwerk Töging am Inn
Wasserkraftwerk Töging am Inn

Tractebel Hydroprojekt was commissioned by Verbund Innkraftwerke GmbH with the planning of the new Töging power plant in 2014. With a total output of almost 120 MW, the new Töging power plant is the largest new hydropower plant to be built in Germany in recent years.

The new hydropower plant is located next to the power plant built in the 1920s. By increasing the dam target at the inlet to the power plant canal and increasing the expansion discharge, the installed capacity will be increased from the 84 MW achievable in the old power plant to around 118 MW. The future flood relief will proceed via the turbine idle run and a pre-regulation at the inlet to the power plant canal. The integration of the new power plant into the existing original site will create a harmonious overall picture of the historic power plant building and the new construction.

After a planning phase lasting around 5 years, construction of the power plant began in 2019. The new power plant was officially opened in September 2022.

Client: Verbund Innkraftwerke GmbH

Processing period: 2014 - 2021

Main data:
Turbine type: 3 x Kaplan turbines of 39 MW each
Net head: 31 m
Expansion flow rate: 410 m³/s
Total turbine capacity: 118 MW
Control energy capacity: 700 GWh

Project planning of civil engineering works LP 1 to 7 (LP 5: excavation pit only)
Structural design LP 1 to 6 (LP 5: excavation pit only)
Health and safety coordination LPH 1 to 6
Interface coordination with Jettenbach weir sub-project