Fload and coastal protection

Storm surge protection on Borkum

Storm surge protection Borkum

The flood defence wall runs along Reedestraße and forms a self-contained system with the "black dyke". The flood defence system extends over three areas: the private area, the German Youth Hostel Borkum and the SAR Borkum naval airfield. The main objective of the repair measure was to restore or repair the necessary technical flood protection.

Client: Staatliches Baumanagement Nord-West

Processing period: 2016 – 2021

Main data:
Asphalt dyke: 1.4 km
Flood protection wall: 1.1 km
Replacement construction: 4 flood barriers
Equipped with flood protection gates
Renovation: 4 sluices
Replacement construction: 1 sluice

Repair of the "black dyke" and flood protection wall
Restoration or repair of the necessary technical flood defences
New construction of embrasures