Fload and coastal protection

Sedlitzer See drain/deepening of Rainitza, new weir, sluice and sealed channel

Sedlitzer See Sedlitz
Sedlitzer See Sedlitz

The end of lignite mining in the Senftenberg region has resulted in the creation of a chain of lakes from the remaining holes in the former open-cast mines. The connecting channels between the mining succession lakes to be created have already been completed. Lakes Geierswalde, Partwitz, Großräschen and Sedlitz are connected via canals and will have corresponding lake water levels in the future. An operating lamella of 38.9 hm³ and a flood lamella of 9.3 hm³ have been approved for these lakes.

In future, the lakes will be connected to the Schwarze Elster via the drain to be created from Lake Sedlitz and via the Rainitza, which is to be deepened and widened. The route of the drainage system is located almost entirely on tipping ground, which was geotechnically secured prior to realisation. The drainage system is designed for an average discharge capacity of 3 m³/s and a maximum of 8 m³/s and must be sealed over a length of 2.8 km to safeguard the groundwater levels in the Senftenberg urban area. In the new construction area of the drain and in the deepening area of the Rainitza, a wildlife bridge, a sluice and a weir structure as well as ancillary facilities (road network, base ramp, weeding area, rainwater pressure pipeline) had to be planned. The construction work on the sluice and weir has already been completed. The other construction phases are to be realised by 2025.

Client: Lausitzer und Mitteldeutsche Bergbau Verwaltungs­gesellschaft mbH (LMBV)

Processing period: 2014 - ongoing

Main data:
Closed channel, bed width: 7 m
Incision depth: 3.0 - 7.0 m
Total length: 2.8 km
Sluice structure, clear width: 2 x 5 m
Weir structure, clear width: 2 x 5 m
Wildlife bridge, span width: 8.5 m
Path network: 5.6 km

Project planning for sluice, weir, wildlife bridge, channel, path networks, penstocks, invert ramp, trough structure bridge B96, ancillary facilities (LP 3 to 8 HOAI)
Structural design of the sluice, weir, wildlife bridge (LP 3 to 6 HOAI)
Technical equipment Siel, weir (LP 3 to 8 HOAI)
Outdoor facilities overall project (LP 3 to 8 HOAI)
Landscape conservation plan
On-site construction supervision