Fload and coastal protection

Reconstruction of the Malchow swing bridge

Drehbrücke Malchow

The swing bridge in Malchow in Mecklenburg connects the old town, which is located on an island in Lake Malchow, with the neighbourhoods on the western shore of the lake. The bridge is the only hydraulic engineering structure in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to be operated and maintained by a local authority. It is also a listed technical monument.

Client: Stadt Malchow

Processing period: 2013 - 2014

Main data:
Type: Pylon swing bridge
Bridge deck: orthotropic deck
Length of the superstructure: 21.70 m
Width of the superstructure: 10.15 m
Drive: electromechanical
Passage width: 8.00 m
Opening process: approx. 75 sec.
Tonnage: approx. 120 tonnes

Workshop planning for steel and mechanical engineering