Fload and coastal protection

Quellitzsee dam, in-depth inspection in accordance with DIN 19700 and DWA-M522

Stauanlage Quellitzsee
Stauanlage Quellitzsee

The Quellitzsee dam was completed in 1979 and has been operated by the municipality of Döhlau as a bathing lake ever since. The lake is approx. 900 metres long, 80 metres wide, 6 metres deep and has a total storage capacity of 130,000 cubic metres. The dam is an earth dam with an inner seal made of clay. It has a crest length of 90 metres, a crest width of 6 metres and a height of 8 metres above ground level.

The spillway consists of a concreted overflow sill that flows into a stilling basin. A bridge, which is open to pedestrians, leads over the overflow sill. According to the Bavarian Water Act, the Quellitzsee is categorised as a water body of the third order. The reliability of dams must be guaranteed in accordance with DIN 19700. Operation and maintenance are the responsibility of the municipality. According to DIN 19700 part 10, an in-depth inspection of a dam must be carried out at appropriate intervals or after exceptional events. There are no facilities for leachate monitoring or for measuring the groundwater level.

Client: Gemeinde Döhlau

Processing period: 2021 – ongoing

Initial consultation for coordination with the parties involved, site inspection and acceptance of the existing documents
Review and evaluation of the existing documents with regard to up-to-dateness and completeness
Notification of existing deficits in the available documents
Support with the provision of missing documents by third parties (tasks, invitations to tender, award proposal, incoming inspection)
Carrying out an in-depth review (general information and description of the dam, structural condition report, preparation of a concept for structural monitoring)