Fload and coastal protection

Project DEK-Nord locks Bevergern, Venhaus, Gleesen, Rodde and Hesselte

Schleuse Gleesen Projekt DEK Nord
Schleuse Gleesen Projekt DEK Nord
Schleuse Gleesen Projekt DEK Nord
Schleuse Rodde Projekt DEK Nord

The adaptation of the northern section of the Dortmund-Ems Canal (DEK) is anchored in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 as a project with urgent requirements. On the northern section of the DEK from Bergeshövede to Papenburg, the dimensions of the ships were limited to 95 metres in length and 9.60 metres in width. For this reason, the very old existing locks between Bevergern and Gleesen will be replaced by new locks with state-of-the-art dimensions.

Client: Wasserstraßen-Neubauamt Datteln

Processing period: 2009 - ongoing

Main data:
Waters: Dortmund-Ems Canal
Chamber length: 142.00 m
Chamber width: 12.50 m
Lifting height: between 3.36 m and 8.10 m
Design vessel: oversized motor vessel (üGMS)
Construction method: Sheet piling locks with solid heads (Venhaus, Hesselte, Rodde) Solid construction spar locks (Bevergern, Gleesen)

Construction of five new locks
Construction of new forebays with waiting and mooring berths
Dismantling and backfilling of old facilities
New construction of open water­pipes for water management at all locations
Planning of metrological monitoring systems for construction and final condition
Site adaptations and construction of traffic areas