Fload and coastal protection

Mittelland Canal (MLK) route expansion

Mittellandkanal (MLK)

Within the Hanover-Magdeburg-Berlin waterway link (German Unity Transport Project No. 17), the approx. 80 km long eastern section of the Mittelland Canal is being upgraded for modern and efficient inland navigation in accordance with European standards (large motor vessels up to 110 m long and pushed convoys up to 185 m long with a width of up to 11.45 m and a draught of up to 2.80 m).

Client: Wasserstraßen-Neubauamt Helmstedt

Processing period: 2010 – 2014

Main data:
Concrete demolition: approx. 500 m³
Loosening of soil in dry conditions: approx. 125,000 m³
Excavation of soil under water: approx. 550,000 m³
Clay sealing under water: approx. 200,000 m²
Rockfill: approx. 300,000 m²
Underwater concrete partial grouting: approx. 100,000 m²
Anchored bank sheet piling: 1,500 m²
Path construction: 25,000 m²

Waterway expansion
Dredging work
Sheet piling and special civil engineering
Bed stabilisation (revetment) and bed sealing
New construction of the adjacent service roads and traffic guidance systems
Soil management during construction