Fload and coastal protection

Meldorf barrage

Sperrwerk Meldorf
Sperrwerk Meldorf
Sperrwerk Meldorf
Sperrwerk Meldorf
Sperrwerk Meldorf

Due to the considerable damage caused to the existing bongossi wood stem gates of the Meldorf barrage by the boring worm and fungal infestation, the gates were only allowed to be used to a limited extent until 2020. It was necessary to replace the closures while at the same time taking into account the latest requirements of DIN Stahlwasserbau. This resulted in new loads for the bearing structures and for the gate drives. The track bearings anchored in the floor had to be replaced along with the gates in any case.

A case of damage led to a further uncontrollable reduction in the stability of the door leaves. It was necessary to switch to torsion-resistant steel gates, which made it possible to precisely control the drive forces up to the siltation on the base of the structure. From the caulking cleats to the seals of the base and the turning column, the entire structure was designed for the existing wooden gates. Overall, a technical solution had to be found to replace the wooden gates with steel gates and utilise the existing structure without major structural changes.

Client: Landesbetrieb für Küstenschutz, Nationalpark und Meeresschutz Schleswig-Holstein

Processing period: 2017 – 2020

Main data:
Meldorf barrage: Reinforced concrete structure
Year of construction: 1977
Equipment: 2 pairs of flood gates, 1 pair of ebb gates
Length of the structure: approx. 56 m
Width of the chamber: 9.50 m
Top of chamber wall: NN +8.00 m
Top of floor: NN -5.10 m
Top of jamb: NN -4.50 m

Renewal of the pedestrian gates with the associated operators
Assessment of the structural condition of the solid building and the old bongossi­wooden gates
Complete replacement of the hydraulic steel structure of the existing barrage
Drive and machine technology
Technical equipment and control system
Planning of the corrosion protection
Demolition planning and raising of the solid building