Fload and coastal protection

Long-term safeguarding of the bed load addition in Iffezheim (LSG) - Ottmarsheim site

Kiesbeförderung Ottmarsheim

The aim of the project is to take gravel from the newly created Weil-Breisach flood retention area, transport it by ship into the valley to a lake near the Iffezheim barrage and store it there subaquatically. The addition of bed load is intended to counteract erosion of the Rhine bed in order to stem the fall in the water level.

Client: Wasserstraßen- und Schifffahrtsamt Oberrhein

Processing period: 2014 – ongoing

Main data:
Rhine-km: 194,550
Total conveying distance: approx. 930 m
Gravel processing: approx. 10 million tonnes
Daily transport capacity: approx. 8,600 tonnes

Services: Logistics area, stockpile conveyor, belt loop carriages, discharge tunnel, place conveyor, feeding station, conveyor bridge I and II, transfer station, ship loader, docking dolphins