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Lichtenberg dam renovation

Talsperre Lichtenberg
Talsperre Lichtenberg
Talsperre Lichtenberg

The Lichtenberg dam was put into operation in 1975. It is used to supply drinking water, for flood protection and to raise low water levels. Urgent maintenance work is required on some components, in particular on the connection joint between the dam complex (KBW) and the asphalt surface seal (AOD). The measures on the connecting joint require the dam to be emptied. During this time, a costly replacement raw water supply for the Lichtenberg and Freiberg waterworks must be established. It was therefore decided to use this time window for further maintenance measures on plant components. These measures mainly involve the renovation of the asphalt surface sealing of the dam and the dam crest as well as the outer seal and the tower head of the main structure. In addition, the conditions for an epilimnic discharge from the dam are to be created and renovation work is to be carried out on the outer steel water components. The project is being carried out in a joint venture with ARCADIS Deutschland GmbH.

Client: Landestalsperren­verwaltung des Freistaates Sachsen

Processing period: 2014 – ongoing

Main data:
Embankment height above foundation base: 46 m
Height of complex structure: 55 m
Crown length: approx. 300 m
Structure volume: 600,000 m³
Reservoir capacity at full damming: approx. 14.5 million m³
Sealing: Asphalt surface sealing

Study on repair concepts for the components KBW, AOD, dam with dam crest and connection joint dam-KBW, concept for water diversion during construction
Preparation and monitoring of the investigation programmes of building material investigations on concrete and asphalt, structural analysis of the complex structure
Planning services for complex refurbishment (decision templates for tower head storage, refurbishment in the event of partial damming, replacement raw water supply, full/partial area refurbishment, structural condition survey, emergency securing of connection joint, preliminary test of geotubes)
Project planning of civil engineering works LP 1 to 7
Structural design LP 1 to 6
Technical equipment LP 1 to 7
Metrological structural monitoring