Fload and coastal protection

Lauenstein flood retention basin

Barrages Lauenstein

As part of a study on the construction of a flood retention basin (HRB) at the site of the planned Lauenstein dam, 12 variants with basins as dry basins or basins with permanent reservoirs were analysed. The decision was made in favour of a flood retention basin as a dry basin.

Client: Landestalsperren­verwaltung des Freistaates Sachsen

Processing period: 1995 – 2011

Main data:
Watercourse: Müglitz
Catchment area: 38.1 km²
Design flood BHQ3 = HQ100
Ordinary flood space: 5.0 million m³
Extraordinary flood space: 0.6 million m³
Operating space: 0.18 million m³
Crown length: 260 m
Dam capacity: approx. 480,000 m³

Flood retention basin as dry basin with inspection corridor
Barrier structure 41.30 m high rockfill dam with asphalt inner seal
Material extraction via side extraction
Inlet and outlet gauges
Dismantling of transverse structures
Operating facilities with operations building