Fload and coastal protection

Industrial area Kromsdorfer Straße Weimar

Industriegebiet Kromsdorfer Straße Weimar

The former Weimar factory was an old metal processing industry site that was to be developed into a modern industrial area. A large number of local companies had to be taken into account during planning and construction. The historically grown supply and disposal networks were unbundled and each property was provided with separate connections and access roads. The complex was developed in three main construction phases and seven tenders. In the course of construction, the implementation plans were constantly adapted to current requirements.

Client: TLG Immobilien GmbH ­ Stadt Weimar

Processing period: 1996 – 2009

Main data:
1Gross area: 85 ha
Road construction with lighting: 2,950 m
Drainage in combined and separate system with 2 retention basins and 1 storage sewer
Sewers DN 200 to 3000: 6,510 m
Drinking water pipe DN 100 to 150: 2,800 m
Gas pipes, 2 regulator stations: 2,800 m
District heating lines: 2,200 m
Electricity supply, 8 transformer stations
Telecommunications supply

Construction of traffic facilities including lighting
Sewage disposal (wastewater and rainwater)
Drinking water supply
Energy supply