Fload and coastal protection

Hydroelectric power station on the Triftbach in Bad Aibling

Wasserkraftwerk am Triftbach in Bad Aibling

As part of the preliminary design planning for the construction of a new small hydroelectric power plant at the mouth of the Triftbach into the Mangfall, a comparison of variants with two innovative, fish-compatible turbine types for very low heads was carried out. The basis for this was a feasibility study, which was also carried out by Tractebel Hydroprojekt. The VLH turbine emerged as the preferred option from the comparison of variants. Furthermore, two different variants of a movable weir were compared. This is required to keep the reservoir target constant so that higher flows do not have a negative impact on the surrounding groundwater level. A steel flap weir and a tube weir were analysed.

Client: Gas und Wärme GmbH Bad Aibling

Processing period: 2016

Main data:
Turbine type: VLH turbine
Gross head: approx. 1.50 m
Expansion flow rate: 10.3 m³/s
Nominal output (electrical): approx. 95 kW
Average annual output: approx. 650,000 kWh

Creation of an underwater key curve
Preliminary planning for the construction of a small water power plant
Preliminary planning for an overflowable weir
Coordination with the flood protection project Bad Aibling BA 02