Fload and coastal protection

Großhesselohe weir

Wehr Großhesselohe
Wehr Großhesselohe
Wehr Großhesselohe

Stadtwerke München (SWM) operates the Großhesselohe weir facility built in the 1920s on the Isar in the south of Munich. A replacement for the weir system is intended to guarantee the functions of flood protection and water regulation in the future as well as create ecological continuity at the site.

The planning includes the new construction of the weir on the Isar with three new weir fields and a fish ladder as well as the new construction of the so-called separating weir between the Isar and the works canal.

The redesign of the weir will significantly improve the flood protection function of the facility, as the number of weir fields will be reduced and the centre pillars will be designed in such a way that they are overflowed in the event of major floods. The new weir flap systems (weir flap with torsion drive and air-operated weir flap) increase the operational safety of the system and thus facilitate the required minimum water release.

In mid-May 2021, Tractebel Hydroprojekt was commissioned to carry out the execution planning and tendering for the construction lot of the Großhesselohe weir facility.

Client: Stadtwerke München GmbH

Processing period: 2021 - 2024

Main data:
a. Isar weir
3 weir fields, each 7.00 m, 17.15 m and 10 m wide
Closure systems: Weir flap with torsion drive (WF 1), air-operated weir flap (WF 2), fixed weir sill (WF 3)
Reservoir height: approx. 2.0 m
Design flood HQ1000 = 1,200 m³/s
b. Separating weir between the Isar and the works canal
5 weir fields, each 5.50 m wide
Locking systems: 3 x double gates, 2 x single gates

Project planning civil engineering LP 5 to 9
Structural design LP 1 to 6
Optimisation of design planning
Study on the preservation of separation piers
Planning and tendering for dewatering
Hydraulic calculations for stilling basins
Construction sequence and construction phase planning
On-site construction supervision, incl. reinforcement acceptance