Fload and coastal protection

Goldisthal pumped storage power plant

Pumpspeicherwerk Goldisthal

The PSW Goldisthal is the largest hydropower plant in Germany and one of the largest in Europe. With its four Francis pump turbines (265 MW each), two of which operate at constant (synchronous) speed and two at variable (asynchronous) speed, it is one of the most modern and efficient plants of its kind in the world.

Client: Vattenfall Europe Generation AG

Processing period: 1991 - 2010

Main data:
Turbine output: 1,060 MW
Pump capacity: 1,160 MW
Average annual capacity: 1,650 GWh
Upper reservoir storage capacity: 13.5 million m³
Main dam storage capacity: 17.6 million m³
Upper reservoir storage capacity: 705,000 m³

General planner and local construction supervision for the new construction of the
upper reservoir, 3,370 m long ring dam with external seal and integrated intake structure,
main dam, 67.30 m high rockfill dam with external seal,
pre-dam, 26.00 m high rockfill dam with internal seal,
and underground facilities.