Fload and coastal protection

Freight traffic centre (GVZ) Thuringia, complex development

Güterverkehrszentrum (GVZ) Thüringen

With a gross area of 350 hectares, the freight traffic centre is one of the largest commercial and industrial areas in Thuringia. The requirements for the external and internal development were therefore challenging. The site is connected to the A4 motorway and the rail network.

After two years of planning preparation, construction work began in 1994. The first investors commenced operations in 1995. After marketing stagnated due to the insolvency of the GVZ-Entwicklungs gesellschaft in 2000, almost its entire area is now occupied.

Client: GVZ-Entwicklungs­gesellschaft mbH und Stadt Erfurt

Processing period: 1992 – 2021

Main data:
Roads incl. lighting: 10 km
Site regulation
Sewers in the separation system: 23 km
3 rainwater retention basins
2 sewage treatment plants
Drinking and extinguishing water pipes: 12 km
Gas pipes incl. regulator stations: 10 km
Power lines incl. transformer stations: 25 km
Telecommunications route: 10 km

Construction of traffic facilities including lighting
Gas supply
Power supply
Drinking and extinguishing water supply
Sewage disposal
Rainwater disposal