Fload and coastal protection

Flood protection Elster/Elbe

Flood protection Elster

During the August floods of the Elbe in 2002 and the June floods in 2013, the planning area with the Elster, Iserbegka and Listerfehrda districts was affected by flooding on a large scale. Flooding was caused both by the Elbe, which was in flood, and by backwater from the backwaters such as the Schwarze Elster, the Zugbach and the Wiesenbach.

The work began with a study covering all HOAI service phases as general planner up to the submission of the approval document for the entire approx. 6.5 km long section in March 2008. The planning approval decision was issued in December 2011. On this basis, the construction work was realised in four separate construction phases between 2013 and 2017.

Client: Landesbetrieb für Hochwasserschutz und Wasserwirtschaft Sachsen-Anhalt

Processing period: 2005 – 2021

Main data:
Total length: 6,500 m
EWS dyke: approx. 5,100 m
Flood protection walls: approx. 1,400 m, of which approx. 1,000 m with attachment made of mobile flood protection elements
Dyke embrasures: 8
Dyke crossings: 2
Openings in the flood protection wall: 9
Barrier structures: 2
Sluice: 1
Pumping stations with upstream polder: 2
Bridge in the course of the DVW: 1
Renaturalisation of Wiesenbach: 1,200 m

Project, outdoor facilities and structural design as well as technical equipment
Stability calculations
Design surveying, subsoil investigation
EIA preliminary assessment, LBP
FFH and SPA impact assessment
Open space planning
Hydraulic calculations Wiesenbach
Management services for subsoil
Supplementary surveying services
Earthworks quality assurance plan
Flood protection plan
Traffic concept
Preparation of archaeological excavations
Site management for project planning