Fload and coastal protection

Flood protection city of Gera - construction area 1, left bank districts of Untermhaus and Heinrichsgrün

Flood protection Gera

The Thuringian State Office for the Environment, Mining and Nature Conservation (TLUBN, formerly TLUG) has implemented flood protection measures (HWS) on the left bank of the Weiße Elster in the city of Gera. In the Untermhaus district, an HWS wall was erected on Faulenzerweg as an angled retaining wall. Underpinning and support work on the listed buildings of the Hofgut was necessary for its construction. The wall was clad in sandstone and thus integrated into the historical ensemble of the "Hofgut" and Untermhäuser Brücke buildings. Construction work was carried out from February 2015 to March 2016.

In the Heinrichsgrün district, flood defences were built in Tschaikowskistraße and Sebastian-Bach-Straße. The flood protection wall on Tschaikowskistraße was constructed from a sheet pile wall with an attached reinforced concrete wall with mould formwork. On the land side, a green strip with seating is arranged along the HWS wall. A raised bank was created along approx. 200 metres of Sebastian-Bach-Straße using road elevations and angled retaining walls. Construction took place from August 2016 to May 2018.

Flood defences were created to protect both districts from a flood event of the Weiße Elster of HQ100 +5%.

Client: Thüringer Ministerium für Umwelt, Bergbau und Naturschutz

Processing period: 2014 – 2024

Main data:
Reinforced concrete HWS wall as an angled retaining wall: 200 m
Opening in the flood protection wall with flood protection gate and mobile flood protection elements as well as a water-side staircase
Underpinning and support work on buildings on the "Hofgut" estate
Lifting systems/pump shafts for internal drainage in the event of flooding
Adaptation of the infrastructure (footpath, cycle path, internal drainage of the "Hofgut" ensemble of buildings)
Flood protection wall made of sheet piling with attached reinforced concrete wall (mould formwork): 600 m
Opening in the FRP wall with FRP gate and mobile FRP elements as well as a water-side staircase system
Lifting systems/pump shafts for internal drainage in the event of flooding
Road elevations with angled retaining walls
Adaptation of the infrastructure (road drainage, media lines)
Green strips with seating

Object planning LP 2, 3, 5 to 9 HOAI, engineering structures, traffic facilities, open space planning
Structural design LP 3 to 6 HOAI
LBP LP 1 to 4 HOAI
Expert contribution on species protection law
FFH compatibility study
Local construction supervision,
Ecological construction supervision
Management services for subsoil, surveying
Preparation of coordinated pipeline plans, flood protection­measure plan and traffic and design concept