Fload and coastal protection

Flash flood risk management concept Nüdlingen

The municipality of Nüdlingen in the Lower Franconian district of Bad Kissingen has been hit by flash floods several times in recent years. In order to be able to effectively counter this risk in the future, the municipality commissioned Tractebel Hydroprojekt to draw up an integral flash flood risk management concept. This concept includes an analysis of the current situation and past events, the creation of a 2D model for the entire catchment area of the affected localities, the modelling of wild run-off water and flash floods in the watercourses for various scenarios, the creation of hazard maps and the derivation and evaluation of measures. This provides the municipality with the tools it needs to prepare for future flash flood events.

Client: Gemeinde Nüdlingen

Processing period: 2018 – 2022

Main data:
Catchment area (model size): 11 km²

Analysis of current status and historical events
Watercourse measurement
Modelling of wild water runoff and watercourse-related flash floods
Creation of hazard and risk potential maps
Derivation and evaluation of flash flood and flood risk management measures
Prioritisation of the proposed measures
Draft communication concept