Fload and coastal protection

Construction of the Neuwürschnitz flood retention basin

Flood retention basin Neuwürschnitz

The Neuwürschnitz flood retention basin (HRB) in the Beuthenbach catchment area is located southwest of Chemnitz on the A72 motorway. The dam was built as a rockfill dam with an asphalt concrete inner seal. The total storage capacity is approx. 1,029,000 m³. The dam crest is 16.70 metres above the foundation base. The necessary underground sealing was carried out using the injection method. The HRB was designed as a "green basin". The outlet structure (operational outlets and spillway) was realised as an ecological canyon. Due to special requirements with regard to ecological continuity, the special construction of a stilling basin was chosen for the energy conversion plant. The operating outlets reduce the water discharge to the Beuthenbach to 1.5 m³/s. A discharge level was constructed below the stilling basin.

Client: Landestalsperrenverwaltung des Freistaates Sachsen

Processing period: 2008 – 2022

Main data:
Receiving water: Beuthenbach
Catchment area: 12 km²
Design flood BHQ1: 14.4 m³/s
Design flood BHQ2: 29.8 m³/s
Total storage capacity: 1.029 million m³
Rockfill dam with asphalt concrete inner seal
Crown length: 535 m
Dam volume: approx. 157,200 m³
Asphalt concrete for core seal: approx. 2,650 m³
Ecological culvert with HWE and service outlets

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Structural design LP 1 to 6
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