Fload and coastal protection

Complete overhaul of the Lauffen lock

Schleuse Lauffen

The Lauffen barrage is located at Neckar km 125.16 and consists of a double lock on the right bank, a three-span weir and a power station.

The right-hand chamber of the lock was extended upstream and the basic repair of both chambers and the heads was carried out. Reinforcement measures were planned to ensure stability by means of horizontal and vertical back anchoring of the walls. The wall concrete of both lock chambers was refurbished. This included the removal of the cove at the base of the wall and the comprehensive renewal of the lock equipment, as well as the lock gates and the drive and control technology.

Client: Wasserstraßen-Neubauamt Heidelberg

Processing period: 2010 – 2018

Main data:
Watercourse: Neckar
Neckar-km: 125,16
Year of construction: 1962 (right)/1951 (left)
Lifting height: 8.38 m
Dimensions of chambers: 109.0 m x 12.0 m

Project planning LP 1 to 9
Structural design LP 1 to 6
Technical equipment
Surveying services (design and construction surveying)
On-site construction supervision
Production monitoring of hydraulic steelwork and mechanical engineering components
Inspection of workshop plans
Inspection of corrosion protection/coating
Contract and supplementary management