Fload and coastal protection

Expansion of "Langer Trödel" in Liebenwalde

Langer Trödel Liebenwalde
Langer Trödel Liebenwalde

The construction of three new road bridges as movable structures was planned for the development and expansion of the water tourism infrastructure. The Liebenwalde bascule bridge forms the entrance to the "Langer Trödel", an approximately 10 km long waterway between Liebenwalde harbour and Zerpenschleuse.

Client: Wasser- und Bodenverband „Schnelle Havel“ in Liebenwalde

Processing period: 2009 – 2015

Main data:
Type: Balance beam hinged bridge
Bridge deck: orthotropic deck
Length of the superstructure: 15.11 m
Width of the superstructure: 15.27 m
Drive: 2 electric lifting cylinders
Clear passage width: 7.10 m
Clearance height closed: 1.50 m

New construction of weigh folding bridge
Preliminary planning/variations investigation
Design and implementation planning
Participation in the awarding of contracts
Workshop planning for steel and mechanical engineering
Static calculation