Klingenberg reservoir

Talsperre Klingenberg

The dam was put into operation in 1914. Its main purpose is to provide raw water and flood protection for the region and the state capital Dresden. The dam is an Intze gravity dam made of quarrystone masonry with a curved axis. Following damage caused by ageing and as a result of the 2002 flood, the complex was extensively refurbished between 2006 and 2013.

Client: Landestalsperren­verwaltung des Freistaates Sachsen

Processing period: 2004 – 2018

Main data:
Watercourse: Wilde Weißeritz
Total storage capacity: 18.68 million m³
Crown: L = 310 m, B = 6.2 m
Design flood BHQ1: 145 m³/s
Design flood BHQ2: 225 m³/s

New construction of an inspection corridor in the wall structure
New construction of the water-side sealing wall
Reconstruction of the wall crown
New construction of the entire extraction system
Reconstruction of the spillway
Renovation of the air-side wall surface