Bridge construction

New Kattwyk railway bridge

Bahnbrücke Kattwyk

The existing Kattwyk Bridge is a combined road and railway lift bridge over the Süderelbe and connects the districts of Wilhelmsburg and Moorburg. In order to be able to cope with future tasks in the Port of Hamburg, the Hamburg Port Authority began planning a replacement structure for railway traffic at the end of 2008. The existing Kattwyk Bridge is to be retained for road traffic.

Client: Hamburg Port Authority AöR

Processing period: 2016 - 2020

Main data:
Bridge type: Lift bridge
Total length of the bridge: 287 m
Length of the movable lifting section: 133 m
Length of the fixed side spans: 77 m
Lifting height: 45.70 m

New construction of a lift bridge
Establish track connection
Construction of supply culvertn