Seeschleuse Wilhelmshaven – renewal of the sliding gates

Seeschleuse, Wilhelshaven, Schiebetore

Seeschleuse Wilhelshaven, Schiebetore

Towards the end of 2020, the Wilhelmshaven THP EDI bidding consortium, consisting of Tractebel Hydroprojekt GmbH and eberhardt - die ingenieure GbR, was awarded the contract for the planning of the new sliding gates of the Wilhelmshaven large sea lock following a Europe-wide tender by the Hanover Waterways Authority.

The engineering consortium is responsible for the HOAI service phases from the basic evaluation to the implementation planning. Three identical sliding gates for the sea lock are to be planned and put out to tender. The new gates are to replace the existing old gates. These have now reached the end of their service life and show a number of signs of damage.

Mathias Kant – Magdeburg