April 5th, 2021

The challenges continue – the Lift bridge ensemble Lübeck

Lift bridge ensemble Lübeck

Lift bridge ensemble Lübeck

The planning task of Tractebel Hydroprojekt GmbH within the engineering community "HBL" with the office Böger & Jäckle from Rendsburg, which began in 2017, will be continued from April 2021 after a successful conclusion of a contract with the Waterways New Construction Office Magdeburg.

In the first planning phase, the existing engineering community completed a condition assessment and recalculation of all parts of the building as well as extensive preliminary planning with the result of two preferred variants for the repair and new construction of the existing building.

Within the further planning steps, the road and railway lift bridges are to be completely repaired and movable with the help of an electro-mechanical drive system. The pedestrian bridge will also be completely repaired. In addition to the complete refurbishment of the abutments and the shore areas, a shock protection system, underground operating rooms and electrical, control and communications technology are being completely redesigned. In the future, the system will be controlled by remote control from the central control center in Hanover.

The planning is based on the "Building Information Modeling Method" (BIM method). Specific requirements of the client must be implemented. In particular, our service includes the mapping of the building or all parts of the building to be planned in their"asbuild"execution. This means that the manufactured, assembled and installed building parts are completely represented within a 3D model with their specific characteristics such as certificates, information about assembly, availability, certain delivery conditions, maintenance of the product, but also with information on the product value and life expectancy ("Level  of  Information" (LOI) 500). This predetermined level of detail presents the Magdeburg division with such an exciting task for the first time. On the basis of existing models, which were created by the Waterways New Construction Office Magdeburg, the BIM planning method will be continued. The bridges, the abutments and the adjacent parts of the building (descent structures north and south) were scanned, converted into 3D point clouds and modeled. These model data are to be updated, supplemented and expanded at the beginning of the preparation of the design execution documents and completion of the performance phase 8 of the HOAI as well as the implementation of the production and construction supervision for all parts of the building.

Tobias Schaulat  – Magdeburg