June 10th, 2020

New construction of a hydropower plant at the Wehr Türkheim

Türkheim and ausleitung Langweidbach (© Bayerische Landeskraftwerke GmbH)

In September 2019, Tractebel Hydroprojekt GmbH (THP) was commissioned by Bayerische Landeskraftwerke GmbH (LaKW) to carry out the planning services for the construction of a new hydropower plant at the existing Wehr Türkheim on the Wertach in the district of Unterallgäu.

The hydropower plant is intended to use the drop height of up to approx. 7.0 m and an expansion flow of 14 m3/s to the left of the existing solid weir for the production of renewable energy, whereby high requirements with regard to fish protection have to be met. At the same time, the ecological continuity for migrating and migrating fish is to be established using innovative solutions, with LaKW representing the Kempten Water Management Office as the client in this regard. In addition, the planning includes an ecological redesign of the Langweidbach, which is discharged at the weir and runs over long distances within an artificial clot, as well as a near-natural water and sole design of the Wertach in the underwater area of the fortifications, which is often used by locals for local recreation.

On the basis of a preliminary planning handed over by LaKW, THP must first provide the design and approval planning in the performance images of object planning, civil structures, buildings and open-air facilities. For the hydroelectric power plant, the combined fish rise and descent system as well as the complex excavation pit enclosure required for this purpose, e.g. in the form of anchored or stiffened boring pile and pile walls, a design static stoxism must be drawn up. Furthermore, THP is responsible for the preliminary planning of the technical plants in the achieved steel hydraulic engineering, electrical, control and control technology as well as with the support of Tractebel Engineering GmbH Bad Vilbel also for the generation plant. The aim is to submit the approval documents by mid-year 2020. Due to the high sensitivity of the topic of fish protection, the planning takes place under the supervision and in close coordination with the renowned fish biologist Dr. Falko Wagner from the office IGF Jena, with whom THP has already successfully collaborated in previous projects. The decision of LaKW to use a fish-friendly DIVE turbine as well as a combined fish rise and descent system in the form of a double-designed fish lift or sluice system gave THP once again the opportunity to demonstrate and expand our expertise in the use of novel turbines in the small hydropower sector, which has grown steadily over the past few years, as well as for ecological continuity.

Bernhard Ebner - Munich