May 18th, 2020

Malter Dam - Construction progress for the extension of the flood relief system

After the ceremonial start of construction in August 2019 for the 21 million euro project south of Dresden, the work is proceeding rapidly favorably due to the mild winter and despite the Corona pandemic. Thus, the deepening of the collection gutter and the under-capture of the collecting gutter wall could already be implemented.

The heart of the HWE expansion, the newly developed division structure, is also making impressive progress. In mid-May 2020, the reinforcement work was completed with 240 t of reinforcing steel for the sole plate up to 3.30 m thick and 1,700 m3 of concrete was installed. A core concrete (thickness up to 2.55 m) with only 210 kg/m3 of cement and an exposed concrete (thickness up to 0.75 m) with 280 kg/m3 cement, both with CEM III/A, were used. The maximum core temperature could thus be lowered below the limit value according to ZTV W LB 215 and has a favorable effect on the cracking. Because the cement content of the core concrete is below the standard, a general construction was obtained for apparent approval. In addition to minimizing the hydration heat, a basic reinforcement _ 32-15 or 53 cm2/m was required to limit the crack width. In order to minimize over-the-counter lengths (3.00 m) and thus improve the concretion, especially in areas with cross and allowance reinforcement, impacts from _ 28 mm were screwed.

Dominik Fiedler, Dr. Holger Haufe - Dresden