January 15th, 2020

Four construction phases realized at the "Erfurter Kreuz"

Marketing of the 1st construction phase and developed areas of the 2nd to 4th construction phase

Seven years have passed since the contribution in report No. 52 to the 2nd construction phase of the industrial area "Erfurter Kreuz". In the meantime, two further construction phases have been completed at the site of The largest industrial area in Thuringia. The construction work for the 3rd and 4th construction phases was tendered and awarded in nine procurement procedures throughout Europe.

With the acceptance of the light-signal-controlled junction on the state road L 1044 in October 2019, the development work of both sections was completed. Tractebel Hydroprojekt GmbH realized the development planning on behalf of the State Development Company (LEG) Thuringia as "general planning" within the framework of the sub-objects traffic facilities, rain and dirty water drainage, drinking and extinguishing water supply, terrain regulation/immis sion protection as well as open-air facilities. The location alder advantages with the good motorway connection, the favorable building conditions and flexible parcelling possibilities led to a great demand for investment in building space at the Erfurt Cross. The current investment of the Chinese battery manufacturer CATL on areas of the 3rd construction phase with almost 2 billion euros is the largest to date at the Erfurt Cross. With the end of the construction work in the 4th construction phase, however, the development of the entire site is not yet finished. For the approx. 74 ha 5th construction phase, the preliminary planning was prepared by us in May 2019, which includes the north-western areas of the development plan area "West". Design plans are currently being prepared for some of the above sub-objects.

Rüdiger Brand, Weimar