March 18th, 2019

Flood protection Trier, 2nd construction phase

Dyke at the Cusanus House

The Structural and Licensing Directorate North, Regional Office for Water Management, Waste Management and Soil Protection Trier, intends to implement structural measures from 2019 to upgrade the approx. 1. 5 km long flood protection facilities in Trier between the German Youth Hostel and the access road to the RATIO shopping centre. 

The city of Trier is protected on the right bank of the Moselle by dikes and high banks against flood events up to HQ50. In some areas there are trees on the top of the dike and the embankments on the water and land sides. On a length of approx. 500 m, the existing paths are lined by an avenue of trees, whereby the trees standing on the water side are classified as a protected landscape component according to § 24 of the LNatSchG. 

Within the framework of the preliminary planning (May to December 2018) and the draft and approval planning (January to March 2019), several consultations were conducted with various public bodies and private owners. On the basis of a tree survey, a compromise was found for the installation of a sheet pile wall as an internal seal in the dike sections. The height of the flood protection installations will not be changed in the course of the upgrading in order not to cause a deterioration of the flood protection in neighbouring areas and on the opposite bank. The existing maintenance and dike defence paths will be dismantled - as far as technically and nature conservationwise possible - and converted into a cycle path. In the area of the tree-lined avenue, a promenade will be laid out as a footpath on the water-side top of the dike.