Sustainability at Tractebel Hydroprojekt

Nachhaltigkeit, Sustainability

As our work is directly related to water and nature, we see it as our duty to minimise our carbon footprint even more than other companies. To this end, we have planned a number of measures that will be realised within the next couple of months.

The first step is the transition of our car fleet to electric vehicles. The first purely electrically powered company car, which is available to all employees at our headquarters in Weimar, was put into operation a few months ago along with the first charging station (powered by green electricity, of course). The opportunity to try out this new type of mobility is already being actively utilised. Further pool vehicles will gradually follow. With regard to privately used vehicles, employees decide how quickly they want to take the step towards electromobility. In any case, the additional charging points required on the company premises are to be installed as early as next summer.

This process is also linked to the planned installation of a photovoltaic plant on the roof of the company building and the renewal of the cooling and heating technology. This requires detailed and harmonised planning, which we are currently working on together with various partners.

By the way, a charging cabinet for pedelec batteries has long been available to our employees. This is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative for commuting to work via our JobRad programme. We also use a car-sharing scheme from our partner TeilAuto to remain flexible when our vehicle fleet is overloaded.

Wolfgang Aicher, Weimar