Kainzmühlsperre – submission of permit applications


The applications for approval for the measures to renovate the Kainzmühl dam, which was built in 1924 and rebuilt in 1955 and is part of the Pfreimd power plant group in the Upper Palatinate, have been submitted. Thanks to the use of modern calculation methods, it was possible to dispense with some costly investigations during the planning phase.

The facility consists of a concrete gravity dam with a height of approx. 20 meters and a crown length of around 120 meters. Current maintenance measures include the sealing of the water­side as well as the compensation of the rock­bottom to reduce the bottom­water­pressure. Furthermore, an additional, independently operated operating valve in the bottom outlet and an extension to the existing control cell are planned.

We are hoping for prompt approval so that further steps can be taken to implement the measures.

Barbara Tönnis, Weimar