Ecological continuity at the Quitzöbel weir

Durchstichwehr Quitzöbel

The Wasserstraßen-Neubauamt Magdeburg is planning to improve ecological continuity for aquatic organisms migrating both upstream and downstream as part of the replacement construction of the Quitzöbel weir. Together with the Neuwerben, Altarmwehr and Gnevsdorfer Wehr weirs, it forms the Quitzöbel weir group.

Due to its location at the mouth of the Havel into the Elbe, ecological continuity at the group of weirs is of outstanding importance. The hydrological/hydraulic boundary conditions are a special feature of the planned project. The water level differences fluctuate greatly and only correlate to a limited extent with the discharge in the Havel. The classic dimensioning of the fish ladder therefore does not work. However, by optimizing the facilities, ecological continuity can be ensured at the entire weir facility on an average of more than 300 days a year.

The preliminary investigation has now been completed and agreed with all parties involved. As a next step, it was decided to create a hydraulic model to verify the functionality in the critical load cases before starting the design planning.

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