Climate culture area Kannawurf

Keylinedesign Keyline Design Kannawurf

As part of the IBA Thuringia, a concept for the future of agriculture was designed using the example of Kannawurf, a community in the Thuringian Basin, which considers ecological, economic and socio-cultural strategies together.


The main goals were the reduction of topsoil loss through erosion, the increase of the water storage capacity of the soils and the significantly increased resilience of the landscape to heavy rain events and prolonged drought. The result is a model for climate-smart agriculture in the 21st century that uses new landscape types, cross-farm crop rotation management, and artistic interventions to rethink landscape and agriculture. To this end, Tractebel Hydroprojekt GmbH created a detailed surface model of the area under study and used it to investigate the impact of heavy rainfall events. This demonstrated that the proposed measures would result in a lower runoff peak as well as a reduction in soil erosion.

You can access the lecture on the related keyline design here here.

Dr. Mahamed Reza Sadaghiani, Weimar