Basic repair of Horkheim weir - important milestone reached

Wehr Horkheim Anlieferung Wehrschütz
Wehr Horkheim Einbau Rollschütz
Wehr Horkheim Einbau Wehrschütz
Wehr Horkheim Einbau Wehrsteg

At the end of March 2023, an important milestone in the construction work at the Horkheim weir was reached with the installation of the weir gate and the weir footbridge. The weir gate (rolling gate) was transported by vehicle from the factory in Poland and transferred to a storage pontoon and installed using the 300-ton floating crane HEBO.

The rolling gate has a weight of approx. 65 tons and the attached flap approx. 20 tons. The drives were also installed together with the weir gate. The installation was very well prepared by the colleagues from the construction companies and was completed on schedule in 3 days. The remaining installation work is currently underway. Commissioning of weir field 2 is planned for the fourth quarter of 2023. Work on the third and final weir field will then begin.

Tobias Schaulat – Magbeburg